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    on bringing your shins toward your toes and that's essential for doing a proper squat a lot of people spend guys spend a little out of time and dress shoes or your work shoes or whatever you're wearing and that's restricts your ankle mobility so it's a really good idea to do these exercises to help with your feet and that's going to help with your knees if you have knee pain will help with your hips and with your back alright from here step or jump up feet between the hands about hip width distant and then sit your butt down like you're doing a squat because you are pull your chest forward and up and then bring your arms out in front of you make sure that your back is flat and make sure that your weight is in your hips if you feel the weight in the knees shift your butt back and come up a little bit higher chest up right back flat so you should feel your core working here your thighs your glutes your neck is relaxed chin in toward the throat slow controlled breathing that slow controlled breathing helps you make it through the posture,-reviews-sc.html#197954

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