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    pressure cooker so that they come out kind of fluffy like rice because I don't like them cooked as a porridge and so my friend Sharon McCray taught me how to make them in the instant pot and so check that video out because I use them as a substitute for brown rice and they are delicious when cooked so delimited acid will bleach it it will meet you so you don't want to yeah then that did happen in one of my little bowls it did bleach it a little bit so lemon juice will do that so if you're uncomfortable putting it in the salad in the wood bowl just transfer it to a different container and then add it yeah I always add my whatever salsa whatever spices I add those things while that's still in the big bowl so I can stir it and then I will transfer it into my serving bowl yeah so okay any other questions that we need to answer no what I it's Jane Jane and her mother and that's it good job thank you no I think we're caught up so if there's something we missed go ahead and leave it and standard chants below the video we'll try to answer all your questions I came II mentioned before if if you can give us a thumbs up or a like that helps the reach on this video

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