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    Pre-registration option is available on Samsung's India site

    Galaxy Note 8 is priced at GBP 869 (roughly Rs. 71,200) in the UK

    In Australia and China, the pricing details are currently unknown

    Samsung on Wednesday launched its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone at its Unpacked event and while we already knew most features and design of the handset thanks to numerous leaks, we finally got to know the pricing of the smartphone. Considering that Samsung has announced the pricing for pre-orders in several countries, we will provide you a roundup of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pricing across major markets around the globe.

    Starting with one of the most important markets for any smartphone maker, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be made available in the US via several carriers. The latest entry in the Galaxy Note series is available for purchase through T-Mobile at a price of $930 (roughly Rs. 59,600) and the carrier also allows users to pay $210 as down payment upfront followed by monthly instalments. You can also choose to pay $39 in monthly instalments without having to pay any down payment.

    At Verizon, the smartphone will be available for pre-orders at a price of $960 (roughly Rs. 61,500) and buyers will also get the option to pay $40 monthly instalments over the period of two years. Customers also have the option of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from AT&T with monthly instalments of $31.67 for 30 months. In Canada, Samsung has priced the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone at CAD 1,200 (roughly Rs. 61,300).

    Moving away from North America towards Europe, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available for pre-orders in the UK from the company's website at GBP 869 (roughly Rs. 71,200). In Germany and Italy, customers will have to pay EUR 999 (Rs. 75,500) to purchase the smartphone from Samsung's official website. While Samsung Galaxy Note 8 buyers can purchase the handset at EUR 999 in Italy as well, they will have to shell out around EUR 1,010 (Rs. 76,300) to buy the smartphone in France via Samsung's official website.

    In regions like Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and South Korea, the pricing details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are not available. However, in regions including India and Brazil, the company has provided an option for pre-registration for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on its website.

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